Current Projects

Currently I am working on 2 projects:

Gato Inn Puerto Vallarta

Gato Inn Puerto Vallarta - Rescue facility for homeless cats Puerto Vallarta
Gato Inn Puerto Vallarta
  • The Gato Inn is a place where rescued homeless cats can stay while awaiting adoption.  A good friend of mine, Luz Wong, added a third floor to her home to create this excellent facility.  The website is brand new and still under development.  We are using WordPress to create the site.  The advantage to WordPress is rapid development time and ease of use for Luz.  Luz will be able to add content (posts) and pictures easily without requiring a webmaster (me) to do these common tasks for her.  We are probably still 2 months away from launch.  (Today is January 30, 2019)
  • Take a look:


The Red Cabbage Cafe

The Red Cabbage Cafe - Puerto Vallarta - Mexican Food
The Red Cabbage Cafe – Puerto Vallarta
  • The Red Cabbage Cafe in Puerto Vallarta was established 30 years ago by an old family friend (Lola B.).  I did not design this website.  We are thinking of converting the website to WordPress so Lola can easily update the content of her site.  The food is fantastic!
  • Take a look at the site now.  We haven’t started working on it yet:


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